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Until the election of 2009, casino gambling was illegal in The Buckeye State, but Issue 3 (a pro-casino initiative) passed, and casinos are now planned in four Ohio cities. Currently Ohio hosts a number of parimutuel horse racetracks, as well as more than 200 bingo halls. The legal gambling age in Ohio is 18 for parimutuel betting. Smoking is banned in all Ohio gaming venues.

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Toledo Casino won't bring new hotel

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The city's hotel occupancy rate is already low

If Issue 3 passes, you'll be able to go to the casino, but you can't stay there. That's the agreement between the possible new casino and local hotels scared of losing business.

Destination Toledo asked the casino developers not to build a hotel. CEO David Nolan told us Toledo's hotel industry is struggling.

Forty-five percent of Toledo's available beds are filled. The rest of Ohio is also struggling, but the national average is much better, at almost 70 percent. The casino is promising no hotels until Toledo gets 68 percent occupancy.

Tony Vetter is the sales manager for the Crowne Plaza. He knows getting that many more people inside his rooms and the rest of the area's 80 hotels may be a pipe dream.

Destination Toledo is now endorsing the casino because of the agreement not to build hotels.

Those against the casino continue to tell us even if the issue passes, there is no guarantee it's coming to Toledo anyway.


Proposed land purchase for Toledo Casino

Updated: Tuesday, 10 Mar 2009, 11:53 PM EDT
Published : Tuesday, 10 Mar 2009, 3:53 PM EDT

DOWNTOWN TOLEDO - Two casino proposals are going head-to-head before voters even approve gambling in the first place.

There's talk that gambling might be back on the ballot this November and two Toledo area spots are in the conversation.

Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner announced March 10 that a developer proposed purchasing land along the Maumee River to build a casino.

Tom Crothers, executive director of Downtown Toledo Improvement District, confirmed the mayor's statement and said the mayor did not give the developer's name or a specific location of the proposed casino.

Mr. Finkbeiner said he's been in talks with developers about putting a casino on the banks of the Maumee River, but this comes right on the heels of developer Brian McMahon's announcement that he would like to see a casino and convention center there.

McMahon is president of Danberry National in Rossford.

"This is the intersection of the two largest interstates in the entire country, and there's almost 100,000 vehicles a day that go by this site," McMahon told FOX Toledo on Monday.

Because of the transportation assets of the area, McMahon said the Crossroads of America location Rossford would make the best place for a casino.

But Mr. Finkbeiner disagrees.

"I think the waterfront is the most attractive location and having given a tour recently to the principal advocates for this new prosposal, they agree with me," Finkbeiner said.

Mayor Finkbeiner also said he's been discussing the possibility of a casino on 20 to 40 acres of privatley owned property, located on the banks of the Maumee River, near downtown. He did say who he has spoken with, but said it's an economic developer who has invested in Toledo before.

"I happen to think that's the ideal place for Northwest Ohio to situate one ... I only represent the City of Toledo and am 1,000-percent for the City of Toledo in almost every way shape or form, including this case," Finkbeiner said.

But if Rossford was to construct a casino, Toledo would share in the revenue, under the joint economic development agreement that the two cities share.

So what about a casino at each location, one in Toledo and one in Rossford?

"Not all are doing equally well in Detroit," Finkbeiner said, "One doing extremely well, another one that's not doing well at all, and I'm not sure about those in the middle."

McMahon said it would be more prudent of someone who calls himself a "regional mayor" to support not only Toledo casino plans, but also Rossford casino plans, and just let the market decide.


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